• Certify your transcript with either a digital or electronic signature
  • Electronic (Image Only) signatures are free
  • Signature provide a professionalism to your product
  • PDF-it is genuine condensing software, utilizing the entire page for maximum readability
  • PDF-it’s word index can be automatically hyperlinked to the condensed and/or full size
  • Does NOT descrimiate between devices
  • Full consistent functionality for you and your clients on PC, MAC, tablet, and smart phones
  • Transcript with hyperlinked exhibits that function on portable devices with NO apps to install
Email v. iDepos
Download options(1)(5*)
Large file friendly
Reliable notifications
Reduces theft
*Includes Dropbox ™
  • Transcript with hyperlinked exhibits that work on ALL devices
  • Deliver popular transcript file types including PDF, ASCII, Word, and E-Transcript
  • Accepts image exhibit file extensions (PDF, JPG, TIFF) and audio files (AVI, MP3)
With (3) simple steps:
  1. Create or upload transcript(s) and/or invoice
  2. Send an email
  3. Get paid
You can:
  • Stop waiting on your money and stop getting stuck with unpaid invoices
  • Reduce your risks of non-payment while at the same time increasing cash flow
  • Eliminate wasted time and energy with collection efforts
  • Reduce frustration with small claims court and uncollectable debt
The financial benefits are easy to see:
  • Reduce shipping costs by delivering expedited transcripts/exhibits electronically
  • Save time and production costs by only producing paper copies if/when payment is made
  • Eliminate COD fees
  • No monthly merchant account fees
  • Eliminate time and wasted expenses with refused/returned COD deliveries
RSI’s Electronic Read & Sign was specifically designed to save you time and money.
  • Shipping of the original may become unnecessary
  • No printing cost for a read and sign copy
  • No postage incurred mailing a condensed to the witness
RSI’s Electronic Read & Sign was programmed for simplicity and protection.
  • Complies with most state’s read and sign rules
  • Only the errata and signature page(s) you designate or provide are printable
  • Transcript and exhibits (optional) are no longer accessible after the read and sign period expires
Regardless of your office procedures, the benefits of electronic read & sign are clear
Common Industry Practices
Retain the original and make it “available”

Retain the original and mail a condensed transcript (aka Witness Reading Copy)

Ship the original

Email a restricted electronic transcript where printing, content copying, etc. are not allowed
Electronic Read & Sign
Does not require a physical office
Less work and time spent with coordination efforts
No disruptive witnesses in the office
Saves time and expenses with printing, envelopes and postage
Provides a chance of an additional copy sell
Saves time and money with shipping and handling
Less chance of lost originals
Increases odds of selling a copy
Transcript is not available after read and sign period ends
An option to purchase a certified copy can be offered